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Silver Glitter Grow Excellent With Shorts Max 81% OFF Sh Along Me

Silver Glitter Grow With Me Shorts || Grow Along Me Shorts || Sh


Silver Glitter Grow With Me Shorts || Grow Along Me Shorts || Sh

Kids grow so fast, so we are constantly having to purchase more shorts for them to fit in for the next couple of months until the next growth spurt happens. This is ultimately hurting our wallets and the planet.
Did you know the average American throws out about 82 pounds of textile waste per year? And clothes can take up to 40 years to decompose! By making to switch to grow with me shorts, you’re saving our planet from pounds of unnecessary waste.

Mother Earth Company’s grow with me shorts are stretchy, comfortable and durable. There#39;s a stretchy waist band on top that can be folded down to make them shorter. There’s also cuffs on the bottom of the pants that can be rolled up or down to match your child’s height. The pants are perfectly stretchy enough to fit cloth diapers as well! No more having to purchase shorts in the next 2 sizes up just so your baby can fit them with their fluffy butt!

I have tons of different prints to choose from in my shop if you’d like to check those out as well!

Pricing for shorts on other listings might vary depending on the fabric used and the cost to get that fabric. Cheaper fabric means cheaper shorts while more costly fabric means the shorts will be a couple of dollars more. This doesn#39;t effect the quality of the shorts as I only use high quality fabric to ensure longevity of clothing.

My TAT (turn around time) is 1-2 weeks. This means it’ll take at least 1-2 weeks for me to make your order and bring it to the post office. After it’s in the post offices hands, it will take an additional amount of days for them to deliver it. If I am able to make the order sooner and ship it out sooner, I always will.


Silver Glitter Grow With Me Shorts || Grow Along Me Shorts || Sh

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RO Water Purifiers

Trusted by Millions, India’s highest selling and most awarded KENT RO Water Purifiers make your water 100% pure. With its revolutionary Mineral ROTM technology and multiple purification process of RO+UV+UF, KENT ensures 100% pure & healthier drinking water.

UV Water Purifiers

KENT offers innovative UV Water Purifiers that are easy to use and disinfect water without altering its taste and odour. These purifiers are equipped with UV followed by UF membrane to disinfect water, making it free from deadly bacteria, viruses and cysts.

Water Filter Pitchers

Convert your drinking water into alkaline water - KENT’s Water Filter Pitchers provide you and your family with healthy drinking water. Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher converts your drinking water into alkaline water. It increases the pH level of water up to 9.5 that reduces acidity, fortifies your health, and boosts your immunity. Gravity Water Filter Pitcher removes any physical impurities from water and enhances the taste of tap water, making it safe and healthy for drinking.

Health Plus – Under the Wash Basin Purifier

Make your Wash Basin Water Bacteria & Virus Free - The water you use for brushing teeth and washing your eyes & hands comes from overhead tank which could be contaminated with bacteria and other impurities. KENT’s next gen Health Plus, with its superior Ultra Filtration Technology, protects your family with bacteria & virus free water on your wash basins.

Gravity Water Purifiers

KENT has brought up its high end non electric Gravity Water Purifiers that use natural force of gravity to eliminate suspended impurities, bacteria and cyst to make your drinking water pure. This eradicates the rising problem of contaminated water in rural areas.

Home Water Softeners

Presence of excess calcium and magnesium in water makes it hard which further leads to several problems such as dry skin, hair loss, corrosion of bathroom fittings, lesser life of geyser element, roughening of cloth fibres on washing and many other such problems.

Kitchen Appliances

KENT acknowledges the need of homemakers to cook healthy and tasty food with purity. KENT offers a wide range of uniquely designed kitchen appliances that let your family enjoy conveniently cooked food at home.

Air Purifiers

KENT presents it state of the art HEPA Technology combined with UV Air Purifiers which not only kills viruses present in the air but also removes Particulate Matter (PM). This ensures that you and your family have an access to clean and pure indoors completely free from Bacteria, Viruses & Pollutants like dust, smoke, pollens etc.

Vacuum Cleaners

KENT’s Vacuum Cleaners are designed with unique features like Bagless, Cordless, Hoseless and Rechargeable while keeping in mind your exclusive needs. Powered with revolutionary Cyclonic Technology and some with even UV Disinfectant Technology. These vacuum cleaners scoop up dust at high speed to remove pollutants.

Vegetable Cleaners

KENT’s extensive range of next gen Vegetable Cleaners based on Ozone Technology effectively remove insecticides, pesticides, chemicals and pathogens from the surface of fruits, vegetables and meat to keep consumers safe from consuming chemical laden food.

Customer Service

Service is an essential part of a Water Purifier as you may require to change the filters.Getting Genuine Service from KENT is important as only from KENT you can get Genuine Spares which will continue to ensure that you get 100% Pure Water. Call only 92789 12345 from anywhere in India. Please do not call any other number or dealers directly. Service Request can also be made here.

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KENT, a brainchild of Dr. Mahesh Gupta, has revolutionized the water purifier industry. Watch the astonishing journey of Dr. Mahesh Gupta and KENT RO towards becoming a leading brand.
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